Iterations Workshop

Today I met the Team to discuss potential uses of Kinect Motion Capture for “The Green Screening” project.

: Split Britches / Lois Weaver & Peggy Shaw

Rosella Galindo / MAT PhD, QMUL
                        Pat Healey / QMUL
                        Matt Delbridge / Australia

In Company Collective / Jo Palmer, Gini Simpson & Holly Stratton

GUESTS: David Smith / MAT Researcher, QMUL & Hannah Mason & Adele Jeffs / Could be Good

Outline of the Workshop

  1. Host Team members presentation as well as their role in the project.
  2. Project walkthrough: abstract, general objective, hypothesis and research questions. To place into context our Guests and to remember key points of the project.
  3. Revision of the Schedule.
  4. A brief summary of Hosts information and needs for the project.
  5. Iterations experimentation: 
    1. What is a Kinect and how we can employ it to enhance the green screening experience?
    2. Physical vs Abstract // silhouettes.
    3. Tracking multiple people in the experience to enable interaction.
    4. Practical tests:
      1. Processing.
      2. Isadora.
      3. Unity.
        1. Showing that they could be 3D.
        2. 10 to 20 templates of different environments.
  6. General Observations and Questions from Host Team Member: What do we want?
  7. Research & Dissemination: Ethics & Poster / Demo presentation at MediaCity (Salford, UK) during The Second Virtual Social Interaction Workshop.
  8. Conclusions.

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