Minds Interrupted: An interactive conversation on filling blank spaces with new thoughts

Peggy Shaw joins long-time collaborator and director of RUFF Lois Weaver in conversation with an audience to reflect on both the convalescent and complicated aspects of the creative process. They will share some of the materials used in producing the piece, and engage the audience in some creative methods to reveal the power of the imagination in the face of extreme circumstances.

“I’m good at performing wellness”, Peggy Shaw

Their Creative Process:

  1. What are we going through?
    1. Start asking a random question to Peggy.
    2. New thoughts = new possibilities.
    3. A positive attitude towards the blanks spaces left after a stroke, instead of a pessimistic look to the past.
    4. “There was no more room left in my brain for new thoughts”, reflects Peggy about the Blank spaces in her brain.
    5. Audience is Medicine.
    6. Matt Delbridge suggested the implementation of the ‘Obama Monitors’ for RUFF.
  2. What do we have?
    1. What do we have with us today?
    2. What are we bringing to the process?
    3. What are we wearing?
  3. The Blank Spaces.
    1. Far beyond the physical aspects, what do we have with us that ‘might’ limit us? But instead, we decide to use it in a Performative way, on the Positive side.
  4. Autobiography.
  5. Effects.
    1. Physicalisation of the feelings and elements that were mentioned previously.
    2. Like the loss of balance or the lights in the back of the head.
    3. Playing with “The power of imagination”.
    4. Combine fact & fiction.
    5. Make what is achievable —> Desire —> Big fantasy.
  6. If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?

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