Split Britches & InCompany Collective meeting

‘Green Screening’ project from Split Britches, developed for Stroke Survivors from Peggy Shaw’s own experience as a stroke survivor:

  • Fill in the empty spaces in the brain with fantasy and creativity.
    • Areas of loss in the body.
  • Objective: to create self-portraits. A ‘Wish you were here‘ postcard.
  • Fantasy persona > material from the internet to develop fantasy. At some point, they wondered how to access their phone and take their own photos but discarded the idea because they are looking at the future, not the past.
  • The project works with stroke survivors and their losses from the stroke, to motivate them thinking about their present.


  • The technical setup.
  • Motion capture (idea in residence, Australia with Matt Delbridge).
  • The embodiment of the fantasy.
  • Inclusive Movement.
  • Originally is a more static approach due to the way it was directed.
  • No Virtual Reality setup, it’s important that the user sees their own body in space at the same time other participants do.
  • No looking for literal environment/experiences, but the ones that push the participant to complete the frame and play with imagination.
  • Development of different iterations.
  • Cost-wise.

Target: To make the project…

  • More robust.
  • More manageable.
  • Probably transfer it to other groups working with similar objectives.

Stroke Association (UK) (can facilitate stroke experts for research inquiries).
May is the stroke month. Peggy Shaw will be performing at Barbican.

Matt Delbridge is Head of Theatre in the Tasmanian Colleg of Arts. HE worked with Split Britches developing an iteration of the ‘Green Screening’ project. Previously he was tech manager in QMUL.

Davy Right is Technical Manager in the Department of Drama at Queen Mary. He worked with Split Britches developing another iteration of the project and suggested the use of Isadora Software – this way, they could search for images of fantasy places on the internet and then place them in a portable green screen projection.

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