The Second Social Virtual Interaction Workshop / University of Salford

A week ago, I had the opportunity to present a Research Poster about the Placement Project I have been working on. Here you can find some information shared during my Data Blitz Talk.

The project Performing Embodiment is focused on the development of Interactive Mixed Reality Technology for the Green Screening Workshops designed for Stroke Survivors

“If you could do anything right now, what would you like to do? Where would you like to be?”

A stroke is a traumatic event that damages localised areas of brain cells. This has significant long-term effects for the victims, which can include the loss of some of their memories.

For that reason, Split Britches and In Company Collective created a series of workshops that help stroke survivors to look ahead in their lives by filling in the blank spaces left in their mind with new images and insights through movement and expressive therapies assisted by technology.

Our objective is to develop a real-time configurable digital scenography based in Kinect motion capture that helps participants to envisage fantasy worlds of their own making while the rest become the audience, producing a shared experience. This permits us to study how embodied performance techniques in mixed-reality environments stimulate Stroke Survivors’ imagination.

With this in mind, we have redesigned the process of the workshop to include the technology in each stage. As a result, the therapeutic effects motivate empowerment, conscience of each body movement possibilities, as well as a direct visualization and interaction with the fantasies.

And finally, some of the challenges overcome have been:

  • Changing the original static approach, by developing a more robust and interactive technology than chroma key techniques.
  • And a cost-wise and portable technical infrastructure for the workshop leaders.

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