The Green Screening workshop is a participatory performance and technology-assisted workshop that helps stroke survivors articulate ideas of how their lives might develop after a stroke.

During the sessions participants are asked to imagine “things they have always wanted to do” (like swimming with dolphins or racing cars). These fantasies are progressively built and enacted for other participants.

What happens during the workshop?
  • Participatory Performance

    The performance exercises encourage self-expression and imagination, stimulating movement experimentation that does not foreground physical problems.

  • Fantasy Worlds

    Participants imagine and enact fantasy worlds of their own making with and for other participants. These fantasies are progressively built with the help of digital visual effects.

  • Interactive Scenography

    The portable and non-invasive Interactive Scenography shows real-time visualisations of participants' own body movements immersed in virtual environments.

  • Venues and Facilitators

    The workshop is offered to Stroke Supports Groups from the Stroke Association (UK) and take place in their usual meeting place. The sessions are delivered by a Creative Facilitator and a Technician, with a duration of one hour each.



“I think that one of the nicest things is the ability to stop your inhibitions from stopping you doing something. Each of us were willing to stand up in front of other people."

Workshop Participant


“I enjoyed it because it was something that no one had asked you before: 'would you like to have done this if you could?'.”

Workshop Participant


“They really enjoyed the aspect of being screenshot into experiences they would never have the opportunity to try out, e.g. pop star.”

Group Coordinator